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What to buy on your date with an escort

Help Q&A – Gifts for your Escorts during your date.

Ok. You’ve decided to take the first steps towards happiness by booking a date with an escort. What common courtesies should you consider? Well its nice to consider a gift, a token of your appreciation. They don’t need to cost the earth, or be practical. Within reason they should be a pleasant surprise and a bit of fun. Its wise to avoid attempting to buy expensive gifts and become romantically involved. Keep it lighthearted you are after all visiting an escort for fun. Here’s are a few tongue in cheek tips that could help.

Flowers – People say that you can’t go wrong with flowers. If you avoid the cheap garage forecourt flowers then they are not wrong. remember to remove the stickers and labels. Go to a florist and choose a nice bouquet that draws your eye. Roses tend to work especially well but as most girls agree flowers are often welcome.

Jewelry – Jewelry is tricky but if chosen right it is sure to impress. Avoid the cheap and tacky. Go for something subtle such as a silver necklace or a nice pair of earrings. If you can afford to splash out a little more do so. But again jewelry is quite tricky. Everyone has their own tastes and its often something you would buy if you know the girl well. Who wants you little gift box left in the bottom drawer unloved and what a waste. Be sure before you purchase.

Perfume – Perfume is another favourite providing it’s a classy brand and a pleasant fragrance. Go with big names such as Vera Wang, D&G, Jean Paul Gautier etc.

Lingerie or Toys – As long as its tongue in cheek, fun and probably be used during your booking then its hard to go wrong on this one. Lingerie, a vibrator or nipple tassels would not only a subject of conversation but a fun activity to try them on during your booking. Of course you can still go wrong with the size so avoid the bra section and aim for the items that anyone can use.

Tips – Yes the ugly money subject of tips. Its as old as the hills but as you can guess still the favourite of escorts. Make sure its of a value that reflects how much fun she was and that you can afford.

Stay Longer – If you like her, the greatest reward for any escort is to extend your stay. Call the agency and let them know you want to extend. This means little or no interruptions during your extended stay and no other bookings cutting your stay short. Also known as LT (Long time), Extended, or Overnight bookings.

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