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Lost in london Guide Trackback’s and Pingback’s.

To all Webmasters busy blogging. Our blogs support trackbacks & pingbacks. What exactly are they? Do they provide any benefit to my blog and SEO efforts? Both are very similar in providing notifications between 2 websites that have published content on a similar theme and quote each others work. Its a way of saying to the reader of the blog “you may also be interested in this”. To do this the webmaster or SEO professional of blog A, needs to ping a trackback to the webmaster of Blog B.

The difference between the 2 services are. Pingbacks do not publish a quote of the other websites blog. Trackbacks do.

Once you have activated trackbacks and pingbacks in your settings, add a link to our website in your blog and publish it. To get your link approved choose to link to us where the blog content is similar, allowing readers to follow posts on the same or similar subject. This improves the relations between the links and increases the chances of the link being clicked (and you getting improved SEO and traffic clicks as a result).

Avoid your blog from being identified as spam. Allow one link in your blog and a maximum of 2 at most. Anything more will flag your blog as spam and you wont get your links published. Of course no one wants that and it results in wasting your talents writing the content in the first place.

Happy blogging webmasters. We look forward to approving your trackbacks.

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