Escorting a guy to a company dinner, party or an event for a period of time for the purposes of entertainment and to keep him company. A service or services to entertain a happy customer.

Asian Escorts

Help Q&A – Meanings, What ‘Asian’ means in reference to Escorts.

What is an Asian escort? In escort terms this means a person engaged in the act of providing escort services who originates from an Asian country. A person from Asia engaged in escorting. To offer their services for hire on an hourly basis. Examples of countries considered Asian would be, Myanma (Burma), Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China, Japan and Korea.

Escort is a vague term for providing ‘company’ for an hourly rate. Most newspapers and directories online advertise using the term ‘Escort’ as a more acceptable way of offering such services.

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Mistakes Dating Asian Escorts

Help Q&A – Common mistakes men tend to make when dating Asian Escorts.

If you’ve not had much luck with the dating game over the last few years then don’t give up just yet. The alternative to consider would be booking a date with an escort. Escorting is now a quickly expanding social market and becoming more popular. To make sure that your girl wants to see you again, or doesn’t cut your date short, avoid making the mistakes that other men have made in the past.

Don’t turn up drunk – By all means have a drink or two before your date begins to help calm your nerves but never ever arrive to an escort drunk. They will know all of the signs and if they suspect you’re in a bad way from drink, or any other substance for that matter, you run the risk of them cancelling your booking. Social drinking, however, often improves the occasion and can help break the ice and establish a rapport.

Never make inappropriate comments – By all means compliment your date on how nice she looks as compliments are more than welcome. Inappropriate comments won’t get you off to a good start. Anything abusive or disrespectful is likely to put you in the position where the escort looses interest in trying to make you happy. Keep the good vibes going and play to her responsive side. All girls like compliments and comments on how she’s good at this and its gorgeous the way she does that.

Never be rude – If your date is talking let her finish her sentence and use your skills to relax her in the art of a two way conversation. Avoid talking over her and avoid snappy or aggressive comments. I’m sure we don’t need to say this but of course never insult her. There is a definite art in directing a social situation in your favour. If you have the skills, now is the time to use them.  We can attempt to resolve things before things get to the last resort. But if you’re not happy with how things are going, you can of course cut your booking short and leave. Heaven forbids that thing go that far.

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