A girl who entertains or socially accompanies a client to an occasion or an event for a period of time.

How to choose the best escort for you

If you feel as if you could potentially use an escort service then here are some tips on how to choose the best escort for you.

Don’t rush – First off, don’t rush into things and take your time to think about whether or not this is what you truly want. If you’ve felt the same way for a number of days, possibly even weeks then that’s a pretty clear cut sign that, that is what you truly want.

Don’t judge a book by its cover – By this, we mean don’t simply choose an escort based on her looks alone. You need to find an escort that you like the look of obviously, but on top of that you should ideally find one you feel you have a connection with services in common, or one with a great reviews.

Look around – As escort agencies are now so popular there are more escorts than ever on the gallery to choose from. Some will obviously be better looking than others. Look around and ask around if possible to find the best escort to compliment your booking.

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How to book a date with an escort

Help Q&A – Booking a date with Escorts.

Escorts and escort agencies are now more popular than ever and are making life better for individuals seeking company and companionship all over the globe. Some escorts work for themselves, whilst others are employed by escort agencies. If you’ve finally decided to book yourself a date with an escort then here is a step by step guide on how to book a date with an escort.

Prepare to make the call – If you are serious about booking a date but are nervous then make a rough draft of what you’re going to say over the phone before you make the call. Make sure you’re calm and don’t try to come across as somebody that you’re not. Be realistic in what your trying to achieve and flexible with the time you want to book.

Read as much information about the escorts services – Before you book, take the time to read as much info about the escort’s services as you possibly can. Find out rules and requirements and find out what is and is included when you book.

Ensure you know who you’re looking for – Take the time to find out the name of your chosen escort you’re booking. Don’t just call and say “the one with the black hair” or “the one in the advert”. The receptionist is ideally looking for some basic details to get your booking organised. Your name, the escort, the time to meet her and how long your staying. This gives you an idea of how your conversation will go when you making the booking.

Make the call – This one’s pretty self explanatory, once you’re happy, make the call and the receptionist will things from there.

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What to buy on your date with an escort

Help Q&A – Gifts for your Escorts during your date.

Ok. You’ve decided to take the first steps towards happiness by booking a date with an escort. What common courtesies should you consider? Well its nice to consider a gift, a token of your appreciation. They don’t need to cost the earth, or be practical. Within reason they should be a pleasant surprise and a bit of fun. Its wise to avoid attempting to buy expensive gifts and become romantically involved. Keep it lighthearted you are after all visiting an escort for fun. Here’s are a few tongue in cheek tips that could help.

Flowers – People say that you can’t go wrong with flowers. If you avoid the cheap garage forecourt flowers then they are not wrong. remember to remove the stickers and labels. Go to a florist and choose a nice bouquet that draws your eye. Roses tend to work especially well but as most girls agree flowers are often welcome.

Jewelry – Jewelry is tricky but if chosen right it is sure to impress. Avoid the cheap and tacky. Go for something subtle such as a silver necklace or a nice pair of earrings. If you can afford to splash out a little more do so. But again jewelry is quite tricky. Everyone has their own tastes and its often something you would buy if you know the girl well. Who wants you little gift box left in the bottom drawer unloved and what a waste. Be sure before you purchase.

Perfume – Perfume is another favourite providing it’s a classy brand and a pleasant fragrance. Go with big names such as Vera Wang, D&G, Jean Paul Gautier etc.

Lingerie or Toys – As long as its tongue in cheek, fun and probably be used during your booking then its hard to go wrong on this one. Lingerie, a vibrator or nipple tassels would not only a subject of conversation but a fun activity to try them on during your booking. Of course you can still go wrong with the size so avoid the bra section and aim for the items that anyone can use.

Tips – Yes the ugly money subject of tips. Its as old as the hills but as you can guess still the favourite of escorts. Make sure its of a value that reflects how much fun she was and that you can afford.

Stay Longer – If you like her, the greatest reward for any escort is to extend your stay. Call the agency and let them know you want to extend. This means little or no interruptions during your extended stay and no other bookings cutting your stay short. Also known as LT (Long time), Extended, or Overnight bookings.

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Oriental Escort

Help Q&A – Why choose an Oriental Escort?

Escorts and escort agencies have become popular in recent years. Often featured in books, movies, TV shows, and occasionally in the news. People are waking up to the fact that the majority of escorts are no longer sleazy or seedy. Largely by the Escorts themselves cleaning up their own ethics and being more professional in what they do. Escorts range across many nationalities so when choosing an escort perhaps you may want to consider oriental escorts. Oriental Asian escorts have a reputation of being some of the best in the business, and here’s a look at why…

Natural beauties – Many oriental escorts are extremely attractive and are naturally beautiful in a young cute Asian way that is hard to replicate. Pretty much all dark haired, with super smooth skin that glistens. Their slender curves will be sure to catch the eye of any man in the room within seconds.

Their hospitality – Oriental escorts have a reputation for being some of the most hospitable in the world of escorts. They dedicate their time to pleasing you and if you explain to them nicely at the start they try to accommodate your requests to make you feel happy and content.

The company – Another reason to choose oriental escorts is the fact that they can be fantastic company. They will laugh with you, play with you, accommodate you, and be adorable female company. If you have chosen a girl with good reviews and you both get on well.

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Escorts Do’s and don’ts

Help Q&A – Do’s and don’ts on a date with an Escort.

Considering booking a date with an escort? Then there are guidelines you may need to consider. Although not exact as every escort or agency may employ slight variations. The following may help you skip from novice to accomplished hobbyist much faster. A help to improve your chances of a smooth booking with a happy and content ending. Which ultimately is what everyone is looking for right? You may need to fine tune them to match your own experiences…

Do buy her a gift – For each date with an escort, it nice to bring a gift as a thank you. It doesn’t need to be much, just thoughtful. Perfume, jewelry, flowers, wine etc are all great ideas. Of course its entirely discretionary on your part. Probably something you would do if you are revisiting a favourite girl where a rapport has been established.

Don’t come on too strong – Many escorts wont accept a rough demanding customer and some may operate a zero tolerance policy when it comes to aggression cancelling the booking. If you have something on your mind calmly clear it at the beginning. There’s a lot to be said for a gentle approach to get to the same goal and she may be even quite accommodating with what your trying to do.

Do be yourself – Escorts are human beings too experiencing similar feelings and emotions. So sometimes it works to be yourself. Don’t try to be something you’re not, simply relax so you can both have a great time. Some escorts are professional in their work and will guide you through a step by step approach they already have planned. Relaxing in to the escorts rhythms with the occasional nudge to get it heading in the right direction is a skill worth honing.

Do be respectful – Treat the escort as you would wish to be treated yourself. So, be kind, be polite, and be courteous and respectful. It all costs nothing and every to gain.

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Escort Date Benefits

Help Q&A – The great benefits of booking a date with an Escort.

Escort services are growing in popularity. When you find out a little about what’s offered you will understand why. Escorts and escort agencies are there to make people’s lives better in a number of ways. Here’s a brief look at just three of the benefits associated with booking a date with an escort.

Companionship – Nobody deserves to go through life being lonely and sometimes all we want is a little female companionship. Somebody we can share a drink with, take out to dinner, talk to or cuddle.

Freedom – Staying single without the strings attached. Without any of the hassles of a normal relationship. Your freedom involves seeing an escort of your choice for all the sexy best bits. Then free to walk away choosing a different girl next week. It a hobby you can pick up and put down at will and remain stress free.

Self esteem – Another great benefit of booking a date with an escort is boosting your self confidence and your self esteem. Escorts will take care of you and if you look great, compliment you too. Spending your time with a beautiful woman will lift your mood and looking back retrospectively at bookings that were fun brings back happy memories. You may even feel a brighter better man with you new found hobby.

Fun – The last on our list is probably the most obvious. The fact that going out for a date with an escort could be a fun and enjoyable experience. You can talk about your favourite movies or music, news events, or whatever the latest hot gossip. Building up the rapport improves intimacy and fun that you both enjoy.

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Dating Escort Etiquette

Help Q&A – Common first date presentation etiquette when dating an escort

If you’re new to the dating game then things can be pretty confusing. Many thinking of booking a date with an Asian escort, give the subject some consideration before going further. Showing up for a first date with an escort is big deal as first impressions could be the difference between her deciding if she’d like to see you again in the future. For that reason, here are a few tips to help you present yourself positively on your first date.

Bath or shower – One of the most important things you should do before heading out on your first date is to freshen up. There is always the choice of a shower at the escorts place, if your straight from work or the gym. Which will impress your young lady and she will like witnessing your newly scented freshness. Guys with more experience ask the escort to shower with them and make this part a little more fun, which leads on nicely to other things.

Dress well – It doesn’t matter whether you’re having a quiet one to one in a hotel room or a meal for two at a fine restaurant, a well dressed appearance makes it easier for your escort to warm up to you. If you can avoid the loose fitting clothes and sweat pants etc. Dress nice, a fine suit or some nice trousers and a smart shirt perhaps. If you have picked a decently reviewed escort she will appreciate it.

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Overnight Asian Escorts

Help Q&A – What are Overnight Asian Escorts?

Everybody deserves a bit of happiness in their life at some point and memorable happiness can be found in the company of a young pretty girl that you would never have the chance to be with if it wasn’t for the availability of escorts. Loneliness is not a pleasant thing to have to experience and it can make many people a bit miserable at times. However, these days escort services are helping the lonely find friendship and companionship in a variety of healthy ways. Some escort agencies suggest they include overnight services, but there are numerous misconceptions about overnight escorts.

What is an overnight escort?

An overnight Asian escort is basically exactly as it sounds, an escort that spends the night with you. With escorts the customer pays for the escorts time. What they do together in this time is not associated with the price. If you book an overnight stay (approximately 10 hours on average), it does not matter what goes on. Whether you’re sleeping, playing scrabble, cuddling or anything else for that matter. The booking price and arrangements for an overnight are usually the same. Many escorts and escort agencies will have their own guidelines or rules, so if you are thinking of using an overnight escort service, check with the receptionist whilst booking. Or consider talking to the escort when you meet her to check on what you can or can not do. A memorable overnight can be a reflection on happy times that can lasts for years.

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Oriental Asian Escort Booking Basics

Help Q&A – The basics of booking a date with an Oriental Asian Escort.

There are countless escorts and escort agencies worldwide proving dates and services to improve the lives of the single elite. Single guys who want to stay single and yet enjoy the fringe benefits of young girls that would otherwise be out of their normal reach. Or within reach but the gentlemen prefer to stay free of entanglement! If you’re looking at booking a date with an escort, here’s a list of the basics for you to run through.

Getting in contact – Obviously the first step to booking any date with an escort is to make contact with them by phone. Once you’re done that, the following check list helps complete your booking.

  • Book your appointment for yourself. If your booking for you and a friend be prepared to offer a contact number for your friend. He may have to go to a different address. (This depends on girls availability if there is two available at one location or a nearby location etc)
  • Call using your usual mobile number. Hidden numbers or the office land line are no good when you need directions on the street or help finding the front door.
  • Prepare questions that are not already covered on the website. Example special requests for a summer dress or high heels.

Make your booking – Next up you will need to book the appointment, here are the basics.

  • Is your escort available for the time you have free? Or can YOU be a little flexible if she she’s off work today or out shopping.
  • Check the rate for the hours you want to stay with your escort.
  • The preferred payment is cash on arrival. Organize your cash ready in advance. Enough for the booking plus a little tip, but only if shes good. Never take too much. Leave valuables at home. Watches often get left behind its best to not bring one. Your phone has clock function.
  • Can the escort  house call or visit your hotel? Or where her in call location is to visit her.
  • Do the escorts services match what you fancy doing? When you meet her, be prepared that if she thinks it needs washing oblige the necessary.  It’s not only polite but right in any circumstance. The escort will think its odd that anyone would refuse.
  • Other booking rules, are there any? Usually confirmation follows with instructions and an approximate address to go to. Follow these instructions. Its usually a well honed process that’s been improved over time to smooth the flow of a successful booking.
  • Don’t forget to take your phone it’s impossible without one.

Meeting up – Now you’ve booked the appointment, here are some things you should, and should not do for your date.

  • Never arrive drunk or high.
  • Always be on time. A time change if your train is late only works if she she has no other bookings later.
  • Arrive clean and well presented.
  • Offer your date a drink by bringing your favorite tipple.
  • Be respectful and don’t come on too forceful. Nothing keeps a booking sweet better than the right approach.
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