Asian, person or people of Asia or of Asian decent. Continent of multiple countries, cultures, customs, language and race. Similar word in use would be Oriental, Asiana and South East Asian.

Goodge Street Guide

Goodge Street

an underground station in London situated between Tottenham Court Road and Warren Street. It was opened back in 1907 and is one of the most unique stations in all of London because it still relies in lifts instead of escalators to bring passengers up and down from street level. Another thing worth noting is that although it is an extremely busy station, the flow of people using the station is extremely one-sided, with very few people entering the station when people are leaving, and vice versa. Goodge street is actually one of only eight London underground tube stations with a WW2 air raid shelter located underneath it.

For things to do in and around the area there is the world’s oldest museum, The British Museum, founded way back in 1753. Here there is a selection of historical artefacts, items of interest, exhibits, stands, collections, and much more on top of that, with the interior of the museum spanning 2 and a half miles. There is also Pollock’s toy museum dedicated to toys from a number of different eras, from a whole number of various cultures. There are Tin toys, china dolls, teddy bears, puppets, replicas of nurseries, and much more on top of that. This museum comes extremely highly recommended.

For travel concerns, Goodge Street is located in Zone 1 on the Northern line. Buses that serve this area include: 10, 14, 24, 29, 73, 134, 390, N5, N20, N29, N73, N253, N279. Goodge Street is inside the Congestion charge zone. Please ensure you have made adequate arrangements regarding the Congestion Charge if you are travelling to this area by car.

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Baker Street Guide

If You’re wondering why Baker Street

is ringing such a bell, it’s probably the fictional super detective Sherlock Holmes. Baker Street is located in the Marylebone district of Westminster in London, and is actually named after a builder known as William Baker, who actually laid this very street himself, back in the 18th century. The area was once an upper class residential area but is now home to mainly commercial premises instead.

If you’re looking for things to do, then no visit to Baker Street would be complete without a visit to the world famous Sherlock Holmes museum. This museum only opened in 1990, and is located within an 1815 style house similar to the fictional address of Sherlock Holmes, which was 221b house. There are wax figures, exhibits, Sherlock Holmes memorabilia, gifts, trinkets, and much more on top of that. If theatre is your cup of tea then head on down to the Open air theatre in regents park, which plays host to comedy, musicals, and theatrical performances all throughout the summer months (weather permitting of course). This theatre is the only one of its kind in all of the UK, so that alone shows you just how special and unique it actually is.


For your travel needs, baker street tube station is actually served by 5 separate zones, including circle, Hammersmith, Metropolitan, Bakerloo, and Jubilee. There are numerous buses running on a number of different routes, including 74, and 82. You easily find the entire list online by performing a basic search of the area.

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Bond Street Guide

London’s world famous Bond Street

is considered one of the classiest, wealthiest, and upmarket destinations in the entire world, not just the UK. With designer brands, eloquent stores and shops, upmarket cafes, Michelin star restaurants, luxury goods, jewellery, and stunning architecture it is without question a sight to behold and one of the classiest locations in the world. Founded back in 1700, it has pretty much always been a destination of choice for the wealthiest of individuals in the country. Just to give you an idea of how upmarket this location is, former residents include admiral Horatio Nelson, lady Emma Hamilton, and a whole host of other poets and world renowned authors. To this day, Bond Street is a hot bed for celebrities and important figures.


For attractions in and around the area there is the Royal institution of Great Britain, which is considered one of the most important science institutions on the planet and has been home to some of the greatest minds to ever grace the planet. There is the David Zwirner gallery, the pace gallery, the Handel House museum, and the Colnaghi gallery to name just a few more of the treats on offer here.


As far as transport is concerned, Bond Street Tube station runs on the central line, and there are also numerous buses operating on routes including: 83, 207, 427, E2, E7, E8, N11, and N207.

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Russell Square Guide

Russell Square

is a large square park located in the very heart of Bloomsbury, not too far away from The British Museum. This square was designed and created by Humphrey Repton back in 1806, especially for the fifth duke of Bedford. The duke’s statue is still situated in the gardens of this park to this very day. Russell square was actually created when several brand new streets were laid out by the duke on the site of the very gardens of his former home known as Bedford house. This large green space currently features its very own cafe and is overlooked by the upmarket Hotel Russell, and Senate House of the University of London. The main feature of Russell Square is that every year it is at the heart of the Bloomsbury Festival, held annually, featuring music, cultural events, and motivational and educational talks and speeches held in October.

Other attractions in and around Russell Square include Coram’s fields, a playground for children where adults may only enter if accompanied by their child. It covers five whole acres and features a menagerie, a playground, and a park. For something a little more intellectual however, why not visit the Wiener library, the oldest library in the world, dedicated to the studying of the Holocaust, its legacies, and its causes. This library also features exhibits looking at the many aspects of Nazi life back in the Second World War. It is a real eye opener that is fascinating and gut wrenching at the same time.

Russell Square’s Transport Services. For your travel concerns…

  • Russell square underground station is a small and busy station served by the Piccadilly line.
  • Buses serving this area include: 10, 14, 24, 29, 73, 134, 390, N5, N20, N29, N73, N253, N279.
  • Russell Square is inside the Congestion Charge Zone. Please ensure you have made adequate arrangements if you are travelling to this area by car.
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Asian Escorts

Help Q&A – Meanings, What ‘Asian’ means in reference to Escorts.

What is an Asian escort? In escort terms this means a person engaged in the act of providing escort services who originates from an Asian country. A person from Asia engaged in escorting. To offer their services for hire on an hourly basis. Examples of countries considered Asian would be, Myanma (Burma), Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China, Japan and Korea.

Escort is a vague term for providing ‘company’ for an hourly rate. Most newspapers and directories online advertise using the term ‘Escort’ as a more acceptable way of offering such services.

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Marble Arch Guide

Marble Arch

is bordered by Marylebone on its eastern side and Paddington to its west. Served by the Central line Tube service at Marble Arch Tube station. The area around Marble Arch station is packed with shops and is the start of the Oxford Street shopping experience. The area is where Park Lane, Edgware Road, Oxford Street and the Bayswater road meet. We have compiled a mini guide below to what’s in the area for those heading to Marble Arch and need some extra information.

The Social Scene: A hand full of places that you may find useful. Places that could prove useful to relax in or shop prior to your appointment.

  • Hyde Park gardens is one of the largest of London’s parks.
  • Oxford Street, with so many shops along its length, the range is vast. For picking up any range of retail items Oxford Street offers it.
  • Immediately outside the Tube station entrance are 2 foreign exchange booths.
  • There are many recognisable well known high street brands regarding cafes, fast food chains.
    • McDonald’s fast food. 3 Marble Arch, London, W1H 7AP.
    • Coffee shops around 556 Oxford Street, London W1C 1LZ.
  • Cinema. 10 Edgeware Road, Marble Arch, London W2 2EN.

Marble Arch’s Transport Services. For your travel concerns…

  • Marble Arch Tube station is serviced by the Central line ad is between Bond Street and Lancaster Gate stations.
  • Marble Arch bus routes include: 7, 10, 73, 98, 137, 390, N7, N73, N98, N137, N207, 6 23, 30, 94.
  • Marble Arch is inside the Congestion charge zone. Please ensure you have made adequate arrangements regarding the Congestion Charge if you are travelling to this area by car.

Neighbouring London zones are Edgware Rd, Paddington, Marylebone, Hyde Park and Park Lane.

Background and Brief History.

No trip to London would be complete without including a visit to Marble Arch. This white marble triumphant archway is a London landmark and a popular tourist attraction. Designed by architect John Nash in 1827. It was designed to be the state entrance to Buckingham palace. Only members of the Royal house artillery, the king’s troop, and the royal family are permitted to pass through the arch in ceremonial processions. The Arch was moved from the Palace to its current position in 1851 originally to become the entrance to Hyde Park. Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park. With its free theatrical performances and public speaking. Tyburn convent features an underground crypt underneath the monastic church, known as the Shrine of the Martyrs. Where the relics of the reformation of the martyrs lay from the years 1535 up to 1681. One of these relics is a replica of the Tyburn tree.

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Bayswater Tube Station on Queensway

Bayswater Guide


Bordered by Notting Hill on its western side and Paddington to its east, served by the Circle and District lines. Its closest serving Tube Stations would be Bayswater and Queensway. The area of Bayswater is mostly residential but it has areas full of hotels and is packed with shops especially along Queensway. Coming out of Bayswater Tube Station and you are on Queensway. Probably considered the lively centre of Bayswater, it’s a road that has a full range of things to do, buy and eat. We have compiled a mini guide below to what’s outside Bayswater tube station for those who need to occupy themselves before or after your booked appointment takes place.

The Social Scene: A hand full of places that we picked that could be useful before or after visiting one of our Bayswater escorts.

  • Whiteleys London, W2 4YN. (shopping, food, cinema)
  • Express supermarkets (Tesco and Sainsbury’s), next to or opposite Bayswater tube exit/entrance.
  • Cafes (Starbucks etc) and fast food outlets of which there are many along Queensway Rd.
  • Casino which is next door to Bayswater tube station.
  • HSBC atm. Turn right out of Bayswater tube station and just past Starbucks is the HSBC bank.
  • Barclays atm. Turn left out of the tube station and Barclays is next door to the tube station.
  • The Bayswater Arms (pub). 99 Queensway W2 4QH.
  • A number of Thai and Chinese restaurants along Queensway (too many to mention them all).
  • Queensway Tube Station. Postcode W2 4SS. Located at the top of Queensway. At the Hyde Park end. Turn right out of Bayswater tube station and walk to the top of the road.

Bayswater’s Transport Services. For your travel concerns…

  • Bayswater Tube Station runs on the Circle and District lines between Notting Hill Gate and Paddington Station.
  • Queensway bus routes include: 70, 94, 148, 390, and N207.
  • Bayswater bus that stops outside of Whiteleys: 70
  • Bayswater is not in the Congestion Charge zone if you are travelling to this area by car.

Neighbouring London zones are Notting Hill Gate and Paddington.

Background and Brief History.

Bayswater is in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Located in central London within the City of Westminster. At one end it borders Hyde Park and reaches up to Paddington and Notting Hill.  Originally first noted in the doomsday book as ‘Baynard’s watering’, a place where springs of excellent water once supplied water to Baynard’s household or his cattle. This name stood preserved but continuously being shortened over time. Baynard’s watering place eventually shortened to the present day’s Bayswater.

Q: What Tube lines service Bayswater Station?

A: This station is served by the District or the Circle Lines

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Edgware Road, London pic

Edgware Road Guide

Edgware Rd.

Edgware Roads Tube Station entrance is found on the corner of Chapel Street and Cabbell Street, out of view from the roads main street. A short 1 minute walk along Chapel St easily finds the stations entrance. There were once 2 seperate entrances to Edgware Road Underground Station but in recent years the entrance near the corner of Bell Street has been closed down leaving the remain one entrance on Chapel Street still functioning. 

This guide may also help those clients who have never been to London before, plan their booking a little easier. Those of you who are experienced London commuters will no doubt breeze past most of this.

From Edgware Road Tube station a strong cafe culture exists and shops serve the public from this point as the road heads in a southerly direction towards Marble Arch lined with various shops along its length. As a guy waiting to start your planned booking that’s already in place, this area is a good place to hang out for drinks and food while you wait to go in. There’s also a cinema at the southern Hyde Park end and several banks in the area to obtain cash.

Edgware Rd transport services

Edgware Rd has its own Tube station where it meets the A40 located on Chapel Street.

  • The Tube Station is served by the Circle, District, Hammersmith and City Lines.
  • There are bus routes from Edware Rd (see local bus information for details)
  • Within 3 minutes walk along Praed Street is Paddington Station and its main train and Tube lines makes strong connections with the entire west of England and UK.
  • Neighbouring London zones are Marble Arch & Paddington.
  • Edgware Rd is on the edge of the Congestion Zone area. (Note the Congestion charge area gets updated or expanded, please ensure you have checked the latest information from their website for areas affected before you travel). If you are travelling to this area you will need to know the area well to avoid the charge. Because of this it is probably best to suggest making Congestion Charge arrangements before travelling here to be on the safe side. Those who do not want to incur a charge we suggest parking in an area outside the CGZ and using the Tube service to travel through the charge zones.

Places of Interest

An area of interest for us is Edgware Road’s southern most section. From the corner of Praed St (leading to Paddington Station), it becomes a colourful cosmopolitan stretch of road down to its busy end at Hyde park corner. This southern end is a compact area that includes Marble Arch, Park Lane and of course the start of Oxford Street. Its a great area to be in, your spoilt with great shopping along Oxford Street, the healthy and leafy green area of Hyde park for walks during your lunch hour and the Parks edges are fringed with restaurants and hotels to suit every persons needs. 

Background and history

Edgware Road, a busy major road running through north west London. Beginning at Marble Arch and running all the way through to Edgware in Barnet. Edgware Rd has deep Roman origins as it was once a Roman road, evident in the fact that the road runs in a near perfect straight line for around 10 miles, something quite unusual in London. Along its length the route undergoes a host of name changes: Maida Vale, Kilburn High Rd, Shoot Up Hill, and Cricklewood Broadway to name but a few.

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Holland Park Guide

Holland Park

Tube station is served by the east – west bound Central line. The station sits on the Holland Park Avenue Road with Shepherd’s Bush on its western border and Hotting Hill on it eastern side. The area around the Tube station along Holland Park Avenue consists of coffee shops, pubs and other small shops that maybe of interest for our clients looking to settle somewhere before or after an Asian escort booking. Certainly there are a few gift ideas to pick up for those who want to start things off on the right foot.

The social scene: Just a hand full of places we picked that may be useful during your visit. We are not responsible for changes to items listed if different at the time of your visit.

  • Starbucks (coffee), 76-78 Holland Park Avenue W11 3RB.
  • Paul Patisserie, 82A Holland Park Avenue.
  • Tesco Express.
  • Patisserie Valerie, 94 Holland Park Avenue.
  • Nicolas (wine), 98 Holland Park Avenue.
  • The Castle (pub), 100 Holland Park Avenue, London W11 4UA.
  • Hillcrest (pharmacy), 106 Holland Park Avenue, W11 4UA.
  • Holland Park News (news agent), 134 Holland Park Avenue, W11 4UE.
  • The Mitre (pub), 40 Holland Park Avenue,W11 3QY.

Notting Hill’s travel and transport links.

  • If you’re looking for bus info, the bus lines are: 31, 94, 148, 228, N207.
  • The Tube station is connected to the Central Line. The station is in the travel card zone 2 and has lifts operating down to the platforms. Its postcode is W11 3RB.
  • The next neighbouring London zones are Bayswater and Shepherd’s Bush
  • Holland Park is not in the Congestion Charge zone if you are travelling to this area by car.

History and background.

The district originally sprang up on the outskirts of land belonging by the 19th century mansion called Holland House. Set in its own parkland it was mainly rural, until selling off some of its land to developers. The creation of  the Holland Park region took its name from that original house and grew into what was mostly a middle class development. What we have today, is an area of largely impressive Victorian town houses and something of an affluent area. An achievement that has Holland Park listed as one of the most expensive residential city districts in the world. Houses sometimes go on sale for amounts in excess of £1o million although the average house price is around £2 million (researched Dec 2014). During the 1940’s the original house in the park was devastated by bombing and although little more than ruin, it remains a feature in the park. Probably London’s most peaceful of city park lands. Holland Park Tube station was first opened on the 30 July 1900 and refurbished in the 1990’s.

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Paddington Guide

Paddington Station

opens up London from its western exposure to commuters, leisure, tourism and those commuting in and out of London for work. Paddington’s connection to the rest of London via its subway tube lines, bus and taxi services support the long part Paddington has played in being an important transport hub and vital for London’s economy. The future for Paddington still evolves, where a new station entrance is being built in the Paddington Basin. Services are planned to start in 2018. The new station connects from Reading in the west to a new tube line that stretches out east as far as Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east. A new subway line and 8 new tube stations will be built when this development is complete. All of Paddington’s excellent transport facilities makes it easy to travel here if you have booked one of our Asian escorts. This guide may help those who have never been to London before, plan their booking a little easier. Those of you who are experienced in London life will no doubt breeze past this…

Places of Interest.

  • St Mary’s Hospital founded in 1845. A hospital internationally renowned for its diagnosis and treatment of adult and pediatric patients, is situated next door to Paddington station. There is also a busy accident and emergency department, a sexual health clinic and the base for the north London pediatrics Hematology unit.
  • Inside St Mary’s Hospital grounds is the Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum. Of interest to the museum and history buff. The laboratory has been restored to its 1928 splendour and open to the public interested in medical history.
  • Paddington main station. A busy hub of transport networks. Many places to eat drink and relax. The famous statue of Paddington Bear is also in the station area just behind Yo-Sushi.

Paddington’s Transport Services.

  • Paddington underground tube stations runs on the Bakerloo, Hammersmith and City, Circle and District lines. For the London tourist a London tube map is a useful guide. Pick up a tube map from any tube or main station.
  • Buses services include: 7, 23, 27, 36, 46, N7, 205, N205, 332, and 436.  Please note that London buses are ‘cash free’. To use a London bus you will need to use a contactless payment card, a day Travelcard (Purchase these at most London station ticket offices or ticket machines), an Oyster card or a Visitors Oyster card.
  • Easily accessed by tube from Paddington station is the neighbouring station of Bayswater and in the other direction Edgware Rd.
  • Paddington is not in the Congestion Charge zone if you are travelling to this area by car. Although heading towards Edgware Rd there is a risk of entering the Zone. It is therefore wise to be cautious straying too far from Paddington.

The Social Scene: Just a hand full of places we picked that may be useful during your visit and of course places to relax before meeting your prearranged escort appointment.

All inside Paddington Station’s main building W2 1HB…

  • The Mad Bishop and Bear (pub) 1st Floor of Paddington Station.
  • EAT (cafe) seating available.
  • Costa Coffee (cafe) Counter served coffee and snacks only.
  • Starbucks coffee.
  • Yo-Sushi (restaurant).
  • McDonalds.

Outside the station building…

  • The Pride of Paddington (pub) at 1-3 Craven Rd, W2 3BP.
  • McDonalds at 144 Praed St, W2 1HU.
  • Angus Steakhouse (restaurant) at 163 Praed St, W2 1RH.
  • Fountains Abbey (pub) at 109 Praed St, W2 1RL.
  • Raffles Cafe at 13 Craven Rd, W2 3BP.
  • Costa Coffee at 137-139 Praed Street, W2 1RL.

A Brief History.

In central London, Paddington was integrated with the City of Westminster in 1965. Previously being a Metropolitan borough, Paddington has seen many changes in its evolution to its current state. Originally designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel when he was just 29, the station was built in 1847 and has been extended and added to over the years. Recently there has been extensive regeneration of the station and canal areas with the ‘Paddington Waterside’ project which has improved existing buildings, improved public areas and added new residential and business developments.

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Notting Hill Gate Guide

Notting Hill Gate

is the main tube station served by the Central line, District line and the Circle line connecting Notting Hill with the rest of London. Notting Hill, a sought-after residential address is considered by some a trendy destination for its bars and restaurants. Most know it for its renowned market along the Portobello Road, for the setting of ‘that’ famous movie and of course the Notting Hill carnival and of course this attracts tourists. This gives a man who is booking an Asian escort in Notting Hill, some understanding of what the area is like before he arrives. Your booking will be guided by our receptionist anyway, but any extra information could help if you are intending to spend some time in the area before or after staying with one of our Asian escorts.

  • Portobello Road market is several markets stretched out along a section of Portobello Road. More than a thousand market traders are  grouped in sections starting with antiques at Notting Hill Gate. As you head along Portobello Road food becomes available which eventually gives way to designer items and vintage clothing, until you eventually arrive in Ladbrooke Grove. An enjoyable day out either way. A visit to this market is all about basking in the atmosphere of Notting Hill as much as it is about snagging yourself a fantastic bargain in the process.
  • Notting Hill Carnival is one of Europe’s largest street festivals. The pretty area and quirky streets become the party back drop of a festival that fills the roads. It’s been going since 1966 and the roads become alive with activity. Its usually held during the UK’s August bank holiday weekend once a year so it’s unlikely to coincide with your booking an Asian escort unless you deliberately plan on visiting for the carnival and making a booking at the same time.
  • For a slightly more laid back visit, why not check out the museum of brands, packaging, and advertising. A museum dedicated to over 120 years of culture, design, fashion, trends and consumerism. Presented using toys, bottles, packaging, and other items showcasing how advertising and packaging has changed over the years.

Notting Hill’s Transport links.

As far as transport is concerned, Notting Hill Gate is the main Underground tube station for the area. The main approach road from neighbouring Holland Park is the A402 which, as it heads towards Bayswater, forms part of the Bayswater Road running along the North edge of Hyde Park.

  • Approach roads are the A402 and the Bayswater Road.
  • Tube lines: District, Circle and the Central line.
  • Bus services: 27, 28, 52, 70, 94, 148, 328, 452, N28, N31, N207.
  • Neighbouring London zones of Bayswater & Holland Park.
  • Notting Hill Gate is not in the Congestion Charge zone if you are travelling to this area by car.

The social scene: Just a hand full of places we picked that may be useful during your visit. (We are not responsible for the list changing during your arrival to this area).

  • Eat (cafe) at 63 Notting Hill Gate W11 3JS.
  • The Hillgate (a pub) at 24 Hillgate Street W8 7SR.
  • The Champion (a pub) at 1 Wellington Terrace W2 4LW.
  • Cafe Diana at 5 Wellington Terrace W2 4LW.
  • Zizzi’s (restaurant) at 2-6 Notting Hill Gate W11 3JE.
  • Nando’s (restaurant) at 58-60 Notting Hill Gate W11 3HT.
  • Recipease Jamie Oliver (restaurant) at 92-94 Notting Hill Gate W11 3QB.
  • The Prince Albert (pub) at 11 Pembridge Rd W11 3HQ.
  • Cafe Nero at 53 Notting Hill Gate W11 3JS.
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How to choose the best escort for you

If you feel as if you could potentially use an escort service then here are some tips on how to choose the best escort for you.

Don’t rush – First off, don’t rush into things and take your time to think about whether or not this is what you truly want. If you’ve felt the same way for a number of days, possibly even weeks then that’s a pretty clear cut sign that, that is what you truly want.

Don’t judge a book by its cover – By this, we mean don’t simply choose an escort based on her looks alone. You need to find an escort that you like the look of obviously, but on top of that you should ideally find one you feel you have a connection with services in common, or one with a great reviews.

Look around – As escort agencies are now so popular there are more escorts than ever on the gallery to choose from. Some will obviously be better looking than others. Look around and ask around if possible to find the best escort to compliment your booking.

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How to book a date with an escort

Help Q&A – Booking a date with Escorts.

Escorts and escort agencies are now more popular than ever and are making life better for individuals seeking company and companionship all over the globe. Some escorts work for themselves, whilst others are employed by escort agencies. If you’ve finally decided to book yourself a date with an escort then here is a step by step guide on how to book a date with an escort.

Prepare to make the call – If you are serious about booking a date but are nervous then make a rough draft of what you’re going to say over the phone before you make the call. Make sure you’re calm and don’t try to come across as somebody that you’re not. Be realistic in what your trying to achieve and flexible with the time you want to book.

Read as much information about the escorts services – Before you book, take the time to read as much info about the escort’s services as you possibly can. Find out rules and requirements and find out what is and is included when you book.

Ensure you know who you’re looking for – Take the time to find out the name of your chosen escort you’re booking. Don’t just call and say “the one with the black hair” or “the one in the advert”. The receptionist is ideally looking for some basic details to get your booking organised. Your name, the escort, the time to meet her and how long your staying. This gives you an idea of how your conversation will go when you making the booking.

Make the call – This one’s pretty self explanatory, once you’re happy, make the call and the receptionist will things from there.

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What to buy on your date with an escort

Help Q&A – Gifts for your Escorts during your date.

Ok. You’ve decided to take the first steps towards happiness by booking a date with an escort. What common courtesies should you consider? Well its nice to consider a gift, a token of your appreciation. They don’t need to cost the earth, or be practical. Within reason they should be a pleasant surprise and a bit of fun. Its wise to avoid attempting to buy expensive gifts and become romantically involved. Keep it lighthearted you are after all visiting an escort for fun. Here’s are a few tongue in cheek tips that could help.

Flowers – People say that you can’t go wrong with flowers. If you avoid the cheap garage forecourt flowers then they are not wrong. remember to remove the stickers and labels. Go to a florist and choose a nice bouquet that draws your eye. Roses tend to work especially well but as most girls agree flowers are often welcome.

Jewelry – Jewelry is tricky but if chosen right it is sure to impress. Avoid the cheap and tacky. Go for something subtle such as a silver necklace or a nice pair of earrings. If you can afford to splash out a little more do so. But again jewelry is quite tricky. Everyone has their own tastes and its often something you would buy if you know the girl well. Who wants you little gift box left in the bottom drawer unloved and what a waste. Be sure before you purchase.

Perfume – Perfume is another favourite providing it’s a classy brand and a pleasant fragrance. Go with big names such as Vera Wang, D&G, Jean Paul Gautier etc.

Lingerie or Toys – As long as its tongue in cheek, fun and probably be used during your booking then its hard to go wrong on this one. Lingerie, a vibrator or nipple tassels would not only a subject of conversation but a fun activity to try them on during your booking. Of course you can still go wrong with the size so avoid the bra section and aim for the items that anyone can use.

Tips – Yes the ugly money subject of tips. Its as old as the hills but as you can guess still the favourite of escorts. Make sure its of a value that reflects how much fun she was and that you can afford.

Stay Longer – If you like her, the greatest reward for any escort is to extend your stay. Call the agency and let them know you want to extend. This means little or no interruptions during your extended stay and no other bookings cutting your stay short. Also known as LT (Long time), Extended, or Overnight bookings.

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Oriental Escort

Help Q&A – Why choose an Oriental Escort?

Escorts and escort agencies have become popular in recent years. Often featured in books, movies, TV shows, and occasionally in the news. People are waking up to the fact that the majority of escorts are no longer sleazy or seedy. Largely by the Escorts themselves cleaning up their own ethics and being more professional in what they do. Escorts range across many nationalities so when choosing an escort perhaps you may want to consider oriental escorts. Oriental Asian escorts have a reputation of being some of the best in the business, and here’s a look at why…

Natural beauties – Many oriental escorts are extremely attractive and are naturally beautiful in a young cute Asian way that is hard to replicate. Pretty much all dark haired, with super smooth skin that glistens. Their slender curves will be sure to catch the eye of any man in the room within seconds.

Their hospitality – Oriental escorts have a reputation for being some of the most hospitable in the world of escorts. They dedicate their time to pleasing you and if you explain to them nicely at the start they try to accommodate your requests to make you feel happy and content.

The company – Another reason to choose oriental escorts is the fact that they can be fantastic company. They will laugh with you, play with you, accommodate you, and be adorable female company. If you have chosen a girl with good reviews and you both get on well.

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