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The request for different clothes, some of a specific nature or theme. We have many such requests from a nice summer dress, short sexy dress, sexy lingerie, stockings, high heel shoes, hair in bunches, . Uses; Uniforms

  • Stockings. “Can you ask her to be in stockings with high heels please, its my favourite”.
  • Sexy short dress. “Please request a short dress with no knickers, that would be amazing, thank you.”.
  • School Girl. “Does she have a a school girl uniform? its a bit of a fantasy”.
  • lingerie. “I very much like lace and suspenders, please ask her to be suitable attired”.
Similar; Uniforms, Dressing up, Dress requests, Lingerie.
Dictionary; The distinctive clothing worn by members of the same organization or body or group. “airline pilots in dark blue uniforms”.


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