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Booking late pm

For those who call late night. Many clients have been booking through out the day leaving few, sometimes no escorts available to you. When booking at a late hour and probably little or no notice is unwise. Especially if you are only interested in 1 girl you like and no other girls will do. If your focussed on just one girl book ahead. The current trend is to book ahead the day before. If thats not possible make contact with us when we open at 11am to place your evening pm booking. This beats all other callers calling off the cuff and planning ahead beats them all.

We do understand not everyone is so flexible with their time. So if you do call at short notice be flexible with your travel and accept the girls available to you. Be flexible und unfussy.

Of course we want you to have a good time, so if there is ONLY one girl you have set your heart on, there’s only one way to ensure that very popular girl is yours at your chosen time. As we said above, its to book early when we open or book the day before. Its so important its worth repeating.

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