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Edgware Road, London pic

Edgware Rd.

Edgware Roads Tube Station entrance is found on the corner of Chapel Street and Cabbell Street, out of view from the roads main street. A short 1 minute walk along Chapel St easily finds the stations entrance. There were once 2 seperate entrances to Edgware Road Underground Station but in recent years the entrance near the corner of Bell Street has been closed down leaving the remain one entrance on Chapel Street still functioning. 

This guide may also help those clients who have never been to London before, plan their booking a little easier. Those of you who are experienced London commuters will no doubt breeze past most of this.

From Edgware Road Tube station a strong cafe culture exists and shops serve the public from this point as the road heads in a southerly direction towards Marble Arch lined with various shops along its length. As a guy waiting to start your planned booking that’s already in place, this area is a good place to hang out for drinks and food while you wait to go in. There’s also a cinema at the southern Hyde Park end and several banks in the area to obtain cash.

Edgware Rd transport services

Edgware Rd has its own Tube station where it meets the A40 located on Chapel Street.

  • The Tube Station is served by the Circle, District, Hammersmith and City Lines.
  • There are bus routes from Edware Rd (see local bus information for details)
  • Within 3 minutes walk along Praed Street is Paddington Station and its main train and Tube lines makes strong connections with the entire west of England and UK.
  • Neighbouring London zones are Marble Arch & Paddington.
  • Edgware Rd is on the edge of the Congestion Zone area. (Note the Congestion charge area gets updated or expanded, please ensure you have checked the latest information from their website for areas affected before you travel). If you are travelling to this area you will need to know the area well to avoid the charge. Because of this it is probably best to suggest making Congestion Charge arrangements before travelling here to be on the safe side. Those who do not want to incur a charge we suggest parking in an area outside the CGZ and using the Tube service to travel through the charge zones.

Places of Interest

An area of interest for us is Edgware Road’s southern most section. From the corner of Praed St (leading to Paddington Station), it becomes a colourful cosmopolitan stretch of road down to its busy end at Hyde park corner. This southern end is a compact area that includes Marble Arch, Park Lane and of course the start of Oxford Street. Its a great area to be in, your spoilt with great shopping along Oxford Street, the healthy and leafy green area of Hyde park for walks during your lunch hour and the Parks edges are fringed with restaurants and hotels to suit every persons needs. 

Background and history

Edgware Road, a busy major road running through north west London. Beginning at Marble Arch and running all the way through to Edgware in Barnet. Edgware Rd has deep Roman origins as it was once a Roman road, evident in the fact that the road runs in a near perfect straight line for around 10 miles, something quite unusual in London. Along its length the route undergoes a host of name changes: Maida Vale, Kilburn High Rd, Shoot Up Hill, and Cricklewood Broadway to name but a few.

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