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Help Q&A – Common first date presentation etiquette when dating an escort

If you’re new to the dating game then things can be pretty confusing. Many thinking of booking a date with an Asian escort, give the subject some consideration before going further. Showing up for a first date with an escort is big deal as first impressions could be the difference between her deciding if she’d like to see you again in the future. For that reason, here are a few tips to help you present yourself positively on your first date.

Bath or shower – One of the most important things you should do before heading out on your first date is to freshen up. There is always the choice of a shower at the escorts place, if your straight from work or the gym. Which will impress your young lady and she will like witnessing your newly scented freshness. Guys with more experience ask the escort to shower with them and make this part a little more fun, which leads on nicely to other things.

Dress well – It doesn’t matter whether you’re having a quiet one to one in a hotel room or a meal for two at a fine restaurant, a well dressed appearance makes it easier for your escort to warm up to you. If you can avoid the loose fitting clothes and sweat pants etc. Dress nice, a fine suit or some nice trousers and a smart shirt perhaps. If you have picked a decently reviewed escort she will appreciate it.

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