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Goodge Street Guide

Goodge Street

an underground station in London situated between Tottenham Court Road and Warren Street. It was opened back in 1907 and is one of the most unique stations in all of London because it still relies in lifts instead of escalators to bring passengers up and down from street level. Another thing worth noting is that although it is an extremely busy station, the flow of people using the station is extremely one-sided, with very few people entering the station when people are leaving, and vice versa. Goodge street is actually one of only eight London underground tube stations with a WW2 air raid shelter located underneath it.

For things to do in and around the area there is the world’s oldest museum, The British Museum, founded way back in 1753. Here there is a selection of historical artefacts, items of interest, exhibits, stands, collections, and much more on top of that, with the interior of the museum spanning 2 and a half miles. There is also Pollock’s toy museum dedicated to toys from a number of different eras, from a whole number of various cultures. There are Tin toys, china dolls, teddy bears, puppets, replicas of nurseries, and much more on top of that. This museum comes extremely highly recommended.

For travel concerns, Goodge Street is located in Zone 1 on the Northern line. Buses that serve this area include: 10, 14, 24, 29, 73, 134, 390, N5, N20, N29, N73, N253, N279. Goodge Street is inside the Congestion charge zone. Please ensure you have made adequate arrangements regarding the Congestion Charge if you are travelling to this area by car.

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Baker Street Guide

If You’re wondering why Baker Street

is ringing such a bell, it’s probably the fictional super detective Sherlock Holmes. Baker Street is located in the Marylebone district of Westminster in London, and is actually named after a builder known as William Baker, who actually laid this very street himself, back in the 18th century. The area was once an upper class residential area but is now home to mainly commercial premises instead.

If you’re looking for things to do, then no visit to Baker Street would be complete without a visit to the world famous Sherlock Holmes museum. This museum only opened in 1990, and is located within an 1815 style house similar to the fictional address of Sherlock Holmes, which was 221b house. There are wax figures, exhibits, Sherlock Holmes memorabilia, gifts, trinkets, and much more on top of that. If theatre is your cup of tea then head on down to the Open air theatre in regents park, which plays host to comedy, musicals, and theatrical performances all throughout the summer months (weather permitting of course). This theatre is the only one of its kind in all of the UK, so that alone shows you just how special and unique it actually is.


For your travel needs, baker street tube station is actually served by 5 separate zones, including circle, Hammersmith, Metropolitan, Bakerloo, and Jubilee. There are numerous buses running on a number of different routes, including 74, and 82. You easily find the entire list online by performing a basic search of the area.

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Bond Street Guide

London’s world famous Bond Street

is considered one of the classiest, wealthiest, and upmarket destinations in the entire world, not just the UK. With designer brands, eloquent stores and shops, upmarket cafes, Michelin star restaurants, luxury goods, jewellery, and stunning architecture it is without question a sight to behold and one of the classiest locations in the world. Founded back in 1700, it has pretty much always been a destination of choice for the wealthiest of individuals in the country. Just to give you an idea of how upmarket this location is, former residents include admiral Horatio Nelson, lady Emma Hamilton, and a whole host of other poets and world renowned authors. To this day, Bond Street is a hot bed for celebrities and important figures.


For attractions in and around the area there is the Royal institution of Great Britain, which is considered one of the most important science institutions on the planet and has been home to some of the greatest minds to ever grace the planet. There is the David Zwirner gallery, the pace gallery, the Handel House museum, and the Colnaghi gallery to name just a few more of the treats on offer here.


As far as transport is concerned, Bond Street Tube station runs on the central line, and there are also numerous buses operating on routes including: 83, 207, 427, E2, E7, E8, N11, and N207.

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Russell Square Guide

Russell Square

is a large square park located in the very heart of Bloomsbury, not too far away from The British Museum. This square was designed and created by Humphrey Repton back in 1806, especially for the fifth duke of Bedford. The duke’s statue is still situated in the gardens of this park to this very day. Russell square was actually created when several brand new streets were laid out by the duke on the site of the very gardens of his former home known as Bedford house. This large green space currently features its very own cafe and is overlooked by the upmarket Hotel Russell, and Senate House of the University of London. The main feature of Russell Square is that every year it is at the heart of the Bloomsbury Festival, held annually, featuring music, cultural events, and motivational and educational talks and speeches held in October.

Other attractions in and around Russell Square include Coram’s fields, a playground for children where adults may only enter if accompanied by their child. It covers five whole acres and features a menagerie, a playground, and a park. For something a little more intellectual however, why not visit the Wiener library, the oldest library in the world, dedicated to the studying of the Holocaust, its legacies, and its causes. This library also features exhibits looking at the many aspects of Nazi life back in the Second World War. It is a real eye opener that is fascinating and gut wrenching at the same time.

Russell Square’s Transport Services. For your travel concerns…

  • Russell square underground station is a small and busy station served by the Piccadilly line.
  • Buses serving this area include: 10, 14, 24, 29, 73, 134, 390, N5, N20, N29, N73, N253, N279.
  • Russell Square is inside the Congestion Charge Zone. Please ensure you have made adequate arrangements if you are travelling to this area by car.
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Asian Escorts

Help Q&A – Meanings, What ‘Asian’ means in reference to Escorts.

What is an Asian escort? In escort terms this means a person engaged in the act of providing escort services who originates from an Asian country. A person from Asia engaged in escorting. To offer their services for hire on an hourly basis. Examples of countries considered Asian would be, Myanma (Burma), Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, China, Japan and Korea.

Escort is a vague term for providing ‘company’ for an hourly rate. Most newspapers and directories online advertise using the term ‘Escort’ as a more acceptable way of offering such services.

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